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Thank you so much for visiting RSM (Resound Student Ministry)!

We have active and thriving student groups for High School, and Middle School, aged students. It is always our goal to partner with students and their support groups to help them to have a real relationship with Jesus and each other.  We know how difficult those teenage years can be, and we’re here for you!

Students, if you are looking to hang out, make new friends, or are just curious about who you’d meet at these groups, you can find information on how to get connected below. If you want to get to know us first on social media check out our Facebook Page, or our Instagram.

Parents and Support, if you are looking for weekly online content, the best place to find this is by signing up for our weekly newsletter. We hold weekly groups on Sundays for both HS and MS and you can find the contact information below to get the details on those groups!

We’re so excited you are here!

RSM: High School

Every Sunday you can find our High Schoolers meeting up to talk about life, playing their favorite gaming console, and just hanging out. Our students are athletes, readers, band members, sci-fi enthusiasts. . .well we think you get the point, they’re regular young men and women (just like you).

We think life is so much easier when you have a community, a group of people you can do life with.

We’ve got an open seat for you.

RSM: Middle School

We LOVE Middle Schoolers.  Every Sunday you can find our Middle Schoolers meeting up to talk about EVERYTHING! Seriously, EVERYTHING (“like everything”).

Some love to talk.

Some love to listen and don’t feel like sharing. 

We think both of those are just fine.  

Whether you are a “talker,” a “listener,” or somewhere in between, there’s plenty of room around our table, just for you!

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Sundays: 9:30am & 11:00am

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